Fortissimo (LP)

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Danilo Rea on piano, Alfredo Golino on drums and Massimo Moriconi on double bass are a formidable trio of Italian jazz musicians who are among the most highly regarded on the international music scene. They have also for years been the rhythmic, core backbone of Mina’s records. In this ” Fortissimo” the three great jazz musicians interpret by arranging and proposing Mina’s hits in their own way. This album, beautiful for the great artistic quality and value of the immediately recognizable pieces, was recorded entirely in analog on a 24-track Studer A80 during a live studio recording session


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Album containing one 180-gram black vinyl LP. Album containing one 180-gram black vinyl LP. Internal 12-page booklet with photographs by Roberto Cifarelli on matte coated paper. Opening sleeve printed on matte cardboard.

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  1. Ancora ancora ancora 4:07 (G.Felisatti-C.Malgioglio)
    Curci-Edizioni Curci S.r.l.
  2. Se telefonando 4:47 (E.Morricone-M.Costanzo, G.De Chiara)
    Universal Music Publishing Ricordi S.r.l.
  3. Se stasera sono qui 5:30 (L.Tenco-Mogol)
    Universal Music Publishing Ricordi S.r.l.
  4. C’è più samba 4:38 (C.Buarque de Hollanda-B.Lauzi)
    Arlequim Editora Musical LTDA
  5. Le mille bolle blu 3:48 (C.A.Rossi-V.Pallavicini)
    C.A. Rossi Editore S.r.l.
  6. Le tue mani 4:44 (M.Montano-P.Spotti)
    Ariston, Universal
  7. Io vivrò senza te 4:19 (L.Battisti-Mogol)
    EI and Chris, Fama
  8. Fortissimo 3:18 (B.Canfora-A.L.Wertmuller)
    Edizioni Curci S.r.l. Universal Music Publishing Ricordi S.r.l.

Piano and Fender Rhodes: Danilo Rea
Drums: Alfredo Golino
Doublebass: Massimo Moriconi

Analog recording on a 24 Tracks Studer A80 with Dolby SR in PDU Studio during may 2021
Mixed on a Studer A80 1⁄4 inch by Celeste Frigo
Mastering PDU Studio, Mastering engineer: Celeste Frigo

Cutting: Abbey Road Studios, London
Engineer: Alex Wharton
Galvanic: Stamper Discs, Sheffield
Record printing: Mother tongue
Graphic printing: Easy Replica
Photos: Roberto Cifarelli
Graphics: Giuseppe Spada
Producer: Massimiliano Pani
Head of comunication: Michele Di Lernia

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Alfredo Golino, Danilo Rea, Massimo Moriconi




Black vinyl LP



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