Veleno #2 (NFT)

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Starting from the first drawing that put on paper the idea for “Veleno” cover (2002), Mauro Balletti designed a second version of the image. Another Indian ink sketch, showing a Mina from the future at the centre, with name and title on either side. An illustration of what it would become the photograph for the album cover. In Balletti’s imagination this was a future Mina, hence the title he suggested for the album: “2040”. As it often happened, Mina changed the title many times and finally chose “Veleno”, but Balletti’s idea for the cover remained. This unreleased sketch is a precious example of how Mina and Balletti worked together for the album covers. The talent of Balletti was to switch from the initial sketch to the final image, that consists in a graphically elaborated photo. This NFT (Non-Fungible Token), in other words a non-replicable nor replaceable item, offers this unreleased Indian ink drawing, in its very first design stage. A Mina’s portrait, drew by Mauro Balletti’s genius, that becomes in this way a digital art work with blockchain technology. Mauro Balletti tells about the creation of this unique work in a video.

NFT Content list

  • Cover: Unreleased preparatory stock photo
  • Unlockable content after purchase
    • Final draft #2: ultimate image obtained starting from the preparatory one
    • Detail: Photo #1 a detail from the preparatory image #1
    • Video #1: Mauro Balletti explains the technique he used at the time to create the ultimate version of the image

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