Digital technology easily allows us to have music always available on mobile phones and PCs, but the average quality of this music is low. A song recorded at 196 kHz/ 32bit Wav is about 45 MB.
Once it is encoded in .MP3, the same song is about 4 MB. Obviously you lose data and audio quality in the process.
Our purpose is to create a catalogue of excellent music, artistically beautiful and with superior audio quality.
Vinyl discs and tapes, as analogue media, enable to maintain a top quality audio and, at the same time, they are collectibles for music lovers.
Our philosophy is to bring into vinyls and tapes all our analogue recording know-how and our mastering expertise.

To fully define “analogue sound” you can say that it is a sound that never goes through digital tools, from the recording to the listening stage.
Why did we choose to prefer the analogue sound?

We started by asking ourselves some questions.
What do we listen to? What would we like to listen to? What did the artist want us to listen, when they composed and recorded their music?
And more subtly, what would they like us to listen, if technology, at the time the song was recorded, didn’t have its limits and it was as advanced as today?
And finally: what do we love about analogue sound and what don’t we like about it?

At PDU Italia we tried to answer to these questions, starting from the last one.
We love analogue sound because it is the memory sound: it’s like a recollection of an odour, a feeling we can’t explain, but that we can recognise when we experience it.
The point is not to reproduce old recordings as they were at their time, but to listen to them like the artist would want us to, today, with modern technology. We are pretty sure they would’ve done a better job.
Can we be absolutely sure about it?
No, we can’t, but we can trust our instinct and taste. We can trust our ability to choose “what” and “how” is best, an ability we developed thanks to the knowledge we acquired as sound engineers, producers, musicians, composers and sound technicians, over the decades.

We focus on recreating a sound that can evoke emotions and beauty. That’s why we use current technology at its best, as sound lovers, employing equipment from the past combined with modern equipment with vintage sound. From Studer and Ampex analogue recorders, perfectly restored and fine-tuned by our staff, to British EAR Yoshino tube integrated amplifier, to analogue machines designed and built especially for us.

In our opinion, the best analogue sound is not necessarily the “old one”, but the one we could have recorded at that time with modern equipment and knowledge. So that’s what we plan to accomplish with our work.

Quality team


Multi Platinum Engineer, he’s been working in professional audio industry since 1991.
He worked with major artists, such as


He started working in cinemas as analogue film editor and projectionist.

Together with his musical studies, he dedicates himself to analogue electronics and their use in audio equipment. Once the age of films was over, he focused on repairing audio equipment and designing recording studios. In 2011 he founded Tesla Audio Laboratories.

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