Step-by-step Guide – #2

2. Creating the first wallet and saving the "seed phrase"

Wallet creation on Metamask is automatic. A 12-word list will be generated as backup phrase of your wallet. This 12-word list is very important and you should keep it stored safely somewhere private. Anyone who has your backup phrase is able to use your wallet.

  • After clicking on MetaMask icon, as described at the previous step, the box in fig. 2.1 will appear.
    Click [start] to launch the creation of your wallet
  • To creat a new wallet, click [Create a Wallet]
  • MetaMask will ask you if you agree to share with them, anonymously, usage data to improve the extension. You can agree or not, it will not affect your MetaMask use. If you don’t want to share data, click [No Thanks], otherwise click [I Agree] (fig. 2.3)
  • Choose a safe password to access the wallet from the browser. This is not your seed phrase. The password is a security measure to stop anyone using your device to access your wallet. If you forget the password, you can always access to your cryptos through the seed phrase. Password must be at least 8 characters. Type the same password in both fields. After reading the terms of use, you can accept them by clicking the box near “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use”.
    To continue creating the wallet, click on [Create] / [Crea] –(fig 2.4)
  • To understand the importance of “Seed Phrase“, you can watch the video provided by MetaMask. To move forward, click on [Next]
  • Now you can see your “Seed Phrase“. Click on the lock to see the words and write them down in the right order. Store the phrase in a safe place (preferably offline) and never share it with anyone. This string of numbers is the final backup of your wallet and its content. Click on [Next] to continue.
  • Now repeat the seed phrase, selecting, in the right order, the words at the bottom of the screen. Click on [Confirm] once the operation is completed. (fig. 2.7)
  • Your MetaMask wallet is ready to use. Click on [All done] to see your wallet.
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