Step-by-step Guide – #4

4. Adding USDC to Metamask (optional)​

MATIC is Polygon’s native cryptocurrency token. MATIC is useful to make transactions and purchase on this network, but its exchange value changes over time.
To buy our NFTs, you are going to use USDC instead, a stable crypto-currency that maintain a value of 1$.

This step is not essential, because USDC you’re going to buy in the next steps will be visible in “My Wallet” section on OpenSea, once you made access through MetaMask.

  • From Metamask main page, click on [Import tokens], as shown in fig. 4.1
  • On the page you see, in the field “Token Contract Address”, copy and paste this string:


  • If you entered the string correctly, the fields “Token Symbol” and “Decimals of Precision” will fill out automatically.
  • Click on [Add Custom Token] to save.
  • Click on [Import tokens], as shown in fig. 4.3 to complete the procedure.
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