Step-by-step Guide – #7

7. Buying NFTs

To buy our NFTs, we are going to use USDC crypto, bought at the previous step.

  • Let’s go to our online shop at the following link:
  • Choose the NFT you want to buy and click on the image
  • Here you can find the description, the price, the number of copies and much more about the NFT you chose
  • To buy it, click on
    [Buy Now]
    as indicated by the orange arrow in fig. 7.2
  • Check the total and click on
    as shown in fig. 7.3
  • In the opening window to the right, click on the blue button
    as shown in fig. 7.4
  • Click again on the blue button in the window visible to the right
    as displayed in fig. 7.5
  • Within a few seconds, you will see the confirmation message that your purchase was completed successfully.
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