Step-by-step Guide – #8

8. Unlocking content

Our NFTs are enriched with protected content, unlockable after the purchase. Access the NFT in your OpenSea wallet and unlock bonus content.

  • To see all your NFTs, move the mouse on the circle icon next to the wallet icon, as indicated by orange arrow no.1, in figure 8.1
  • In the appearing menu, click on
    as indicated by orange arrow no. 2, in figure 8.1
  • Click on the image of the NFT whose content you want to unlock, as shown in fig. 8.2
  • Click on
    [Reveal unlockable content]
    as indicated by the orange arrow in fig. 8.3
  • You just unlocked the bonus content within our NFT. To access the content, just click on the files in the list, as shown in fig. 8.4
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