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Danza (LP)

 39,00 IVA inclusa
Danza is one of Mia Martini's most important albums. The artist was undoubtedly one of the most intense and inimitable Italian voices. All the tracks included here are by Ivano Fossati and the single Vola, which anticipated the release of the LP, became one of the most successful songs in the summer of 1978 at the Festivalbar. Among the most significant tracks we find: "Canto alla luna" and " La costruzione di un amore", destined to stay for a long time in the repertoire of the unforgettable Artist and, finally, "Buona notte dolce notte" sung in duet with Ivano Fossati. Product details Album containing one 180-gram black vinyl LP. Internal booklet of 12 pages with the group photograph of Cesare Monti and all the original graphics of the time on matt coated paper. Opening sleeve printed on matte cardboard.